This was a great thought-provoking piece Sam. I would have to say your church tolerance will depend on where you live. I lived in the deep South and not much has changed. You’re closeted, you’re at a new non black LGBTQ affirming body, or you’ve left altogether.

For me hating Black church has more to do how the treat young gay folks. I used to work with plenty of gay youth who’s parents kicked them out because they were queer. These kids often bummed their ways to Atlanta (the come out freedom hub of the deep South) to explore their sexuality freely and to seek acceptance after their holy roller parents kicked them out.

They never came back the same, if they came back at all alive. Most came back HIV positive, had criminal records from trying to survive on the streets, and a few ODd. Nearly all had acquired some substance abuse issue. None of these kids were ready for the world. They didn’t have support. No life skills. They weren’t ready for how this world treats gay people. But their parents felt it was perfectly okay to kick their kids out of the nest with no way to survive because of the Bible. Because of a God. Because of a church.

And I won’t even tell you about all of the Black pastors and worship leaders in the deep South who are closeted, are HIV positive and infecting you boys and young college age men. Using the poor queer boys as trade pieces.

I have no tolerance for the Black church. While they may not all harm queer people. Many indirectly do irreparable damage to many Black youth. I can’t give them a pass for all the young lives and potential the Black church has stolen.

There are far more bad ones than good ones where I live.

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