This was a very enlightening piece. Thank you for sharing. Farming is an extremely racist industry in general, and I would say it’s racism and anti-Black sentiments are tied to land ownership and slavery. Being from South Carolina, I can’t tell you how the invisible lines posed by White farmers are clear as day to Black folks. From the farmers market, to the state fair, to co-opting and even entering farming, there is always this overwhelming sense the space isn’t for us. Bigotry in farming is real. Sometimes I wonder if it’s leftover ancestral resentment from slaves being freed and Black people deciding we weren’t working in farming anymore.

It seems to me that’s why there is such a love of Hispanic migrant workers and a need to indoctrinate them with their anti-Blackness. These folks don’t know our history or understand America’s social order. Racist farmers like the one in this piece hope to keep it that way. You can find White Supremacy in almost anything in America if you look hard enough.

Sadly, I don’t think the magazine or the industry overlooked or missed this gentleman’s bigotry. It’s baked into agriculture and totally acceptable which is explains why the industry went head overheals for Trump in 2016.

They are paying a huge price for it today. Somebody always pays the price for bigotry. Most times its the Blacks and people of color. But on a rare occassion, justice is served when a bigot is found out and they lose their unearned privileges and benefits accrued due to their racism. It’s a shame such wise and knowledgeable citizens can’t exist without marginalizing others.

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