This was a very good article. The sad thing is when Black people write about this we’re censored, hidden. Even here on Medium. If we talk about race in a manner not so pleasing to White palates, we’re not getting curated or featured.

Have you ever noticed (here on Medium), White men and women seem to be the authorities on Black pain and suffering. Nice and tidy in a 4 minute blob. White people and their White AI bots censor and curate us out of the readers view. We know it, yet we have no power to do anything about it.

Censoring our words is simply another way to be an American racist. We can’t even exercise our freedom of the press. Imagine that? Racism is everywhere and in everything.

It’s exhausting to not be free to speak, but it’s a stab in the back to be censored/co-opted when we do speak. If white folks keep speaking for us, all you’re doing is pacifying, coddling, and protecting Whitespace. I equate it to American Christianity mission work in Black and Brown countries.

We need White people to learn how to listen and process our pain, our struggles, and do something about inequity. We don’t need them to speak for us. We can talk just fine. We are no longer a mission for White people, but they just can’t seem to let go of the idea of controlling us.

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