This was a very good essay, except the world has sat by since this nation’s existence and allowed it to practice genocide of its first people (the Natives), then Africans via slavery (in which most of the world participated in), then practically every other Brown skinned ethnic group that has ever come to this country. Why would anyone be alarmed? It’s a national sport (genocide), one of this nation’s favorite past times that they are unapologetic about. Even when we are called out by international organizations like the UN for how varying ethnic groups have been killed, stolen from, used, and abused to the extent where there has been and always will be a permanent second class of citizens. This nation has only been made to minimally pay once for its sins (they were sued by the Natives and they won, but America STILL has yet to repay all they owe).

America still participates in genocide in how it polices certain groups of people more than other, take certain ethnic groups of children from their homes than others, and even where abortion clinics were initially placed. This nation has practiced experiments on certain people sterilizing them to include Black and Hispanic women (including in prisons) so that they would not reproduce, particularly in the South and California.

Eugenics and genocide… nothing new in America. It’s a part of our fabric. It’s in the DNA. People know what genocide is. The problem is the people practicing genocide and eugenics are rarely on the other side of these practices because they keep changing the game to stay in power, and ultimately maintaining their privilege to inflict harm on others. The practices never leave, they only evolve, getting a fancier title with pretty legalese to appease the ignorant masses.

This is nothing new here, and I don’t expect White pundits (or Jewish ones) to recognize it. As long as their wealth and comfort here aren’t impacted, life goes on. Life is going on.

Sassy writer of unvarnished thoughts on anti-Blackness, racism, politics, Black people. | | | Twitter @MarleyK20 |

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