This was a very good piece and a valid perspective. As a mother of two adult sons and a step son, I talked with them often about consent, inappropriate touching, getting involved with the criminal justice systems etc. As a mother of sons, I completely understand Black men sympathizing with Kavanaugh. As a girl and later a woman, I have been on the receiving end of sexual assault, molestation, and rape…by men. I was not believed, not even by my own mother…who I would later discover was a victim of assault herself. It’s complicated

As a former rape crisis center director, I know and understand both sides, uniquely. Life isn’t black and white, neither is this subject. If the systems were fair, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Instead of the subject here being about good versus evil and right versus wrong, it’s about how biased, unfair, inept, and racist our criminal justice systems are.

The system is indeed unfair to Black men. The system is not colorblind. The scales of justice are not balanced, and privileged White men enjoy freedom, escaping punishment, and dictating justice in a manner that benefits them…even if it’s extended to a Black man like Clarence Thomas for the benefit of sustaining White privilege.

Black male sympathizers are simply engaging in and sympathizing with male privilege…which knows no color!

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