This was a very good piece and I definitely agree with the fact that friends need to stand up and be better allies/supporters of trans friends. I have learned people in general aren’t interested in anything they aren’t getting any tangible out of. There is no benefit for them standing up for you, or for me for that matter! Connecting to the right tribe is really important. Real friends get down when it’s time to get down, stand up when it’s time to stand up, and circle the wagon when it’s time to circle the wagon. Picking outstanding ride or die friends for the LGBTQ community is essential for survival. Once you find them, don’t forget to cultivate them. Failing to water your friendships kills them!

Lastly, never give friend titles to acquaintances! Anyone can be an acquaintance. There is no expectation for them to do anything for you (and vice versa). They are simply put lazy social connections, and exist simply because you know each other. Nothing is required, noting expected.

Friendships on the other hand, require work. They require getting to know each other and having a genuine interest in caring about each others needs, wants, aspirations, likes, dislikes etc. Friendships also require you to keep each other safe and to protect each other at all costs. If you don’t have that, you really don’t have a friend. I learned this the hard way. I’m more guarded now, but safer. Choose those titles wisely. Stay woke ✊✊✊.

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