This was a very good piece and very true about preferences, fetishes, and racism. I think people have preferences because, (1) They are afraid to taste the rainbow to learn what they really like and dislike because it’s socially not acceptable in their circle, and (2) Because they fear what family and close friends will say because of they don’t necessarily share the same views on preference.

As I’ve gotten older, I have found that there are a number of men who will date or have sex with women in different ethnic groups because they have lived half of their lives, and no longer retribution and ridicule from their social circles. Sometimes they have found ways to explore or hide their preferences without rocking the boat (i.e. online hookup sites). Even if they did, they get caught partaking of the sexual rainbow, older people tend to throw caution to the wind and not care what anyone thinks. They are willing to take the risk and suffer the consequences for their sexual exploration.

The older wise people get, the more they desire to explore. Like fine wine, sex gets better with time, and preferences tend to get broader.

People aren’t willing to deal with issues of race, especially in selecting a mate or partner. But selecting a person first and foremost because of their race is steeped in racism.

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