This was a very interesting read. I have experienced nearly all the examples and emotions you have and I came to the same conclusion. The difference is I chose to label myself differently and react differently. I am labeling myself self-aware — I know most men, I know how they will react, I know what they want, and I know I absolutely don’t feel like dealing with their bullshit. I know how they treat me, and I know it’s rare they make me feel the way I need and desire to feel. I know they can harm me (and they have). I also know all men aren’t bad…but they are few and far between.

In any event, because I know them and I know myself…I simply deal with them as little as possible. That’s wisdom. I choose to call it a valuable life lesson, a life skill of sorts. A lesson far too many women never get. I don’t get angry at men. What’s the use?

They run everything. They continue to figure out ways to retain power and leading us. They keep creating stupid shit like little kids with toys making our lives easier in the short-term, more difficult in the long-term, while enriching themselves. They run all the banks, run most corporations, make the decisions regarding women’s bodies, possess most of the worlds wealth, lead nearly every religion…I can’t afford to be “angry” with men because from a much larger perspective they control my life and my destiny. Anger didn’t get me anywhere with them. I also learned our anger triggers sociopaths we come into contact with. To avoid being harmed by some strange crazy when out having a great time, I learned to temper my attitude and behavior because some men love that shit! It’s a turn on and a trigger. I won’t be giving any crazy the satisfaction of getting what he really wants inadvertently.

So…I learned you get more flies with sugar than shit, or for the purposes of this exercise — -anger. Men are extremely simple creatures unfortunately. Once we women have learned this…we actually possess the power. We simply must use it differently to get what we want. There will always be boys and men who act like beast no doubt, but punishing men with anger is useless because they: 1. Don’t give a shit — they laugh and mock our anger, and 2: It gets us nowhere. Persistence and strategizing gets us everywhere. Anger really gets us women nothing. It’s just good for theatrics.

Anger is healthy and good for us …but being persistently angry all the time with beings who absolutely don’t care is useless and bad for our mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

I loved this piece. You’re absolutely right down to the end. I just choose to channel my emotions and label myself differently.

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