This was a very powerful essay. First, allow me to thank you for having the courage to say what a lot of Black writers are thinking. I personally refer white readers to Diangelo’s book because I have worked with enough white people to know they are not going to receive from us the way they’d receive from a white writer. It’s not that I believe she’s an expert, I think she’s able to tell white peope about themselves in a way we cannot, which is tragic.

White people have been so ignorant for so long, they need all the help they can get. I realize we need allies to get the message across because we know our recipients have heads and hearts hard as bricks. I agree with you 100%, but if sending white people to white people to hear about Black people works so be it. It further exposes how deeply entrenched white supremacy is in their psyches. Thanks for calling it out though.

It’s a casual racism they need to be called out for. Their comfort should be of no one’s concern.

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