This was a very thought provoking essay. It’s very hard to say what one should do in a case like this. Do you follow the law even if the parents aren’t? Do you mind your own business? Do you inquire to find out if she’s okay? Are the girl’s parents prostituting her? Even if ones religion permits child sexual relationships, what does the law say in your state?

I feel as a young woman having dated and married someone who was older than me, I wish I hadn’t. I know too much now. I am an old soul. I married a monster. He knew I was a kid, and so did his mom but they helped him date me. He was abusive — but all relationships aren’t like mines so it’s not easy to see how unhealthy and inappropriate these relationship are.

Me being an adult, there is nothing a teenage boy could say to convince me to sleep him or date him. What do we talk about? I think it’s not natural, and no decent person could go there understanding how immature young people are. Girls are flattered by the attention and showering of gifts — the grooming. Knowing what I know now, I would surely say I was groomed, and my husband was a predator. As a law abiding citizen and a child advocate, I wish someone would have helped me.

I appreciate your honesty. This really makes me think about how unclear and complex statutory rape is as an outsider looking in.

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