This was a very well-written piece about how America’s racist ways are quickly being exploited by insiders working with outsiders to bring this nation down. I did a piece recently about the demoralization of Black lives here in America, and how Russians and other enemies are working with rich, low-life Americans to bring us down to help usher in the New World Order. Americans have not been paying attention over the last 10–15 years of all nations that have collapsed, economies destroyed, and people fleeing from one nation to another in search of safety and self-sufficiency. If you’d watch international news, you’d see it being reported. The same thing has been happening on every continent (ethnic cleansing and the rich inciting citizens with racial divides). America is one ignorant nation. We forget about the Native Indians, and the slaves, and the Mexicans, and skip right to the Jews to talk about racism. We even cherry pick which racist acts to be recognized we have so many under our belts! How about that.

You’re absolutely correct in that racism has no blind spots, only willful (and woefully ignorant) participants. This piece made me feel bad and scared because this nation has not learned it’s lesson. The good will have to suffer with the bad as we all fall down together.

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