This was amazing. That’s very interesting that White women or White people in general now in this moment are confused when we’ve sounded the alarms for almost 12 years about this very time, this moment, these issues. We knew this would happen, and I guess a lot of us feel White people should have too. I’ve dealt with a rollercoaster of emotions for the past two weeks. The two words that continue to are anger and sadness. I would say fear but we are so accustomed to looking over our shoulders for White people who are going to harm us it’s not even funny. I worry about my sons. I’m so far away from them both and I can’t see them or touch them to make sure they are alright. I can’t make them stay home with me to keep them safe anymore. They have their own lives, their own families, and their own burdens of being Black to carry.

I’m angry because I know I tried personally to warn everyone about these day. Academia talked academia nonsense. Politicians talked political nonsense. Average Joes kept listening to them both while the bad guys were positioning themselves. I’m sad because it didn’t have to be this way. Our system has never been set up for us to succeed. The entire world can see it now.

I have no choice but to help get us out of this mess, but we need White people to do more than anything is to listen, follow us (not lead), commit to a lifetime of decolonizing their minds (anti-racism stuff), and allow us time to grieve and fight for our lives. They maybe uncomfortable momentarily, but this is our life, day in and day out. If White people can’t take this, how are they going to help us fight going forward? We need freedom fighters not soft childcare workers singing nursery rhymes.

We need people who are mentally and physically fit for this journey. If they’re not getting fit, they’ll probably be of no use to anyone. Not even themselves.

I’m so thankful women like you, Sherry Kappel, Yael Wolfe and LaVonne Reimer get it. I love you ladies and I’m so happy that you can speak to White women, on behalf of Black women, because you understand this moment as best anyone can…I am just overwhelmed in this moment with all the support, sharing of wisdom, love and encouragement in this moment. It’s hard trying to explain what’s happening. White people are playing catch, so we must allow them some time, but we can no longer patient. The police have been given the full authority to kill any of us. We have a President who revels in death and destruction. We have a complicit, impotent and at times enabling Congress. We need White people helping us, but we are going to need them to get on the advanced placement test track so they can get on this battlefield quickly. Time is running out. The folks in power care about White lives, not Black ones. I need White people on the front lines.

Thanks so much for the leads. I have so much reading to do. You rock Julie! Please don’t stop writing about anti-racism. People receive information in different ways and our writing styles make the same message sound totally different, palatable for those not ready to be uncomfortable. 0

Let us all do what we can, within our powers, to save ourselves and our fellow man from the evils of stupid and White Supremacy.

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