This was an extremely difficult read when you got to the meat and potatoes, especially how the Nazi’s treated children with Asperger’s. I’m having to go process and rethink what you’ve written here. Most of those movies you noted I’ve never seen for the reasons you described. It’s the inhumanity of them for me.

The lack of respect for people because they are different never set well with me, perhaps because I’m a minority. I’m an empath so seeing abuse, indifference, disrespect physically hurts me. Your piece will cause me to be more aware of perspectives of person’s with Asperger’s instead of the caretakers, which we’ve all been programmed to do sadly.

This essay was phenomenal. It’s meticulous and there is no room for misinterpretation here. I want you to know I get it, and I’ll be applying what I’ve learned here to my own life. Also won’t be watching any of those movies, ever.

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