This was really good. I went through a phase of enjoying African culture until I got the opportunity to be around some Kenyans and it really changed my perspective on the culture. I realized as you noted in the piece they really don't consider us family and so I decided to be Black. We don't fit in anywhere. We've contributed so much to the world and yet no one wants to respect our struggle, our contributions, and our being.

I admire other African cultures, but I rarely partake of them because I feel like they don't belong to me. Africans and Black people are so screwed up thanks to colonialism I try to excuse our messiness but it's really frustrating to get into. I am not interested in reclaiming something I never knew.

I am definitely interested in fleshing out Black in America, and making that a culture that comes with all the benefits, respect, and money that should be associated with Blackness. Everybody exploits our culture and gets rich form it but us. I'd like to change that.

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