This was so good and so spot on. I’m bookmarking this for the next time someone ask me about apologizing. It’s extremely helpful.

The real apology exercise should be finding out who they offended with their weaponized Whiteness and apologize to them. Do a social media, workplace, friend, and acquaintance roll call. Heck even go back to grade school. Ask the question who they offended and how. I bet that willingness to throw random apologies to any old Black person kind enough to listen would dry up pretty quickly.

A random apology is meaningless. Give those apologies to the people they have offended because those people need closure and peace. Victims can also hold apologists accountable. Looking the person(s) they harmed in the eyes and hearing the trauma they caused while giving the apology is a teachable moment and a way to atone for their sins of white supremacy.

Random apologies are like counterfeit money, worthless.

trust me I’m sure there are plenty of people on line waiting.

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