This was so good Jeanette. We can’t continue to tip-toe around White people because if we do they are never going to get this. White women are the gatekeepers for White women, and we’ve got their numbers.

What needs to be hit on is their vindictiveness. Provoking, escalating, and calling the police. Voting against our best interests as comeuppance because it’s never going to impact them personally thanks to their White skin. Disrespecting us using microaggressions in public. Cutting in front of line, walking in front of our cars as we are driving (especially at the grocery stores), lecturing us on how to vote when they are the ones who vote against our interests (and their own), being evil then blaming mental illness… I could go on, but you called out their hypocrisy and it cannot be said enough.

These lessons need to be frequent so they won’t forget.

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