This was such a sad story but one that I’ve lived a number of times working with PLWHAs. I facilitated an HIV/AIDS support group for a nonprofit org mens and trans persons. They were so sad, so lonely, and there was a void that it seemed no one could fill. I had a few commit suicide in some horrific ways (one of our gay male HIV positive clients drive his car and his dog into a gas truck on a major highway). It was the most haunting thing I’ve ever experienced having seen him cry, having heard him tell his life story, having heard all of the feelings associated with his disease and how his family had alienated him, and how he desired to be loved but could not find a suitable partner where we lived (we lived in the deep, rural South).

His life and his death impacted me tremendously and made me take every relationship in my life more seriously. People are here today, gone tomorrow. Never take a moment for granted. Your story brought back a lot of old memories. Thank you for sharing it.

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