This was such a well-written piece. Most Black and Asians don’t understand the role White Supremacy has played in setting up the new caste system where non-White POC practice anti-Blackness. The only thing I disagree with is the willingness of Asians and other POC to engage in their anti-Black behavior which in essence is White Supremacy 2.0. In my opinion Asians are just like Jews and other POC. They came here after us, and took advantage of their proximity to Whiteness to move up in a manner we Blacks were not. Every POC immigrant group started out in the same bottom communities as freed slaves and Blacks once upon a time, but immigrants forgot where they came from. They choose not to remember how they were treated. They forgot they too were disenfranchised and discriminated against by this same America. Now the work in concert to maintain structural racism not just in stores, but everywhere.

I can never get an Asian person to speak to me, even at a bar, no matter the age. Asian people are conditioned to see us as subhuman, so they don’t see us. I live in an upper middle-income diverse community and the racism I experienced from Asian immigrants is as bad as from racist Whites.

Asians, Jews, Italians, the Irish etc., have all been grandfathered into White Supremacy on the condition they practice in order to keep their status in society, and they all do. Being racist is a choice and Asians choose to be ignorant and racist just like White people do. I agree a lack of exposure is one problem, but they are in our communities doing business and from the moment we walk in the door we’re treated like trash. That’s a choice. If you hate your customers move. There is a real disconnect. The forgetting about the past is something I can’t understand about immigrant populations. I also don’t understand the refusal to acknowledge their participation in structural racism after being a victim of it. Forgeting history, engaging structural racism and microaggressions I will never understand.

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