This was very good. It’s such a shame that this has to be said (again). I’ve given up finding spaces of non-bias is journalism. Even news by persons of color have so much bias, slants, and slights it’s very hard to get the fine balance of good journalism and great information with details that matter leaving the readers craving for more. The same for books. Journalism and publishing are just two more American institutions I have added to the list of irreparably damaged. I just can’t understand why we can’t get this right. Why is it so hard for God sakes? I appreciate your insight and soft tone in describing what it’s like for POC’s in journalism and what many POC’s experience reading journalism written and photographed by persons with unchecked biases.

I wished someone would develop a bias test for journalist and editors like the readability test. It would make journalism much more palatable, I guess if the test could be created without bias. (sigh)

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