To White My Commenters,

Please take the time to read the comments of Black people centered on racism and trust, then read the comments of White readers centered on the misinformation of the MMR study.

I hope you can see how you're contributing to racism by ignoring the main point of the piece, and that's racism in a nutshell.

Hardly any of the responses from White commenters are concerned about racism. Those comments are moreso concern trolling about my "alleged" anti-vaxx attitude (which I've said I am not anti-vaxx, but keep not listening to me/us, it just validates our points).

I'll just say your inability to read the room and listen to Black people is peak White people and it's racist as fuck! If you can't listen to Black people, just abstain from commenting! Being quiet is free. Your comments reveal your motives whether you realize it or not. Communities of color don't need White people swooping in telling us about lies. We need ya'll to do something about racism. Can you include links on what you're doing to end racism in medicine, huh? Nope, you sure can't, because most of you have no plan.

Tell the truth, shame White Jesus.

I've been inundated with White readers sending me emails, DMs, and private messages about vaccine safety info, "helpful" links on why the vaccine is safe for Black people, famous Black people saying things they support and deem valid, and general unhelpful pieces about the distrust of Black people because of racism in medicine (which I already talked about in my piece). I don't your info. I'm Black. I know about medical racism. I live the experience.

White readers should do some deep soul searching and just admit your comfort and safety is all you're concerned with. White people want to get back to normal. White people want to be safe in their communities. White folks want to save their businesses and their stock portfolios. You're tired of staying home. We're tired of you staying racist. Your racism and ignorance is harming us.

White people don't want to worry about the risk of becoming infected despite America electing a racist who intended for us all to be infected. Your laser focus on an anti-vaxx allegation and misinformation and your lack of interest in seeing how racism drives all of racist.

White readers, many of you can't see the racism in our experiences because you're fixated on being right, and being comfortable.

If you're one of those White folks, please do all the Black people in the comments concerned about racism a favor, state YOUR TRUE INTERESTS AND INTENTIONS FIRST. All the other bullshit and concern trolling is just smoke and mirrors just letting us know you guys still don't give a fuck about us. Racism is the biggest pandemic, and White folks haven't found a cure for it yet. If you want Black people to feel better about getting vaccinated and trust the medical community and your concern for that matter, develop a cure for RACISM please. Every fiber of our beings need it.

Thanks for coming to my TEDTalk!

Marley K.

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