Trains aren’t stopping for BLM. They’d kill folks and that’s not what I want to suggest. I have friends who are engineers who have hit people committing suicide. You can’t stop a train. I wrote about BLM last year and how the movement was hijacked. I think America has moved on from BLM (you know we have a short attention span thanks to technology these days)

I was reading USA Today this week so I saw some interesting topics that may be interesting. Like why teaching slavery to young children is valuable and necessary. Or how the America dream is out of reach for young people and Black people. I’m thinking about topics. I don’t just want to write for the sake of writing. I’m going to continue brainstorming (I’m working in DC this week) and I’ll am going to find a few topics to toss around. I’ll send them to you. Feel free to do the thumbs down. I want it to be some of my best work.

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