Trial by fire is a truth. Unfortunately, some kids never get to meet good White people because they are so deeply segregated in their communities (by design of course). Everywhere they go, White people don’t treat them well to include the classrooms. Usually, White teachers come to teach in poor Black communities so they can get their student loan debt forgiven — then they go to teach in the “better” Whiter conditions most are accustomed to and comfortable in. Black kids see a revolving door of callous and sometimes hateful White people coming in and out of their lives. Every now and then these kids will find a gem teacher, thankfully.

We have to teach our children lots of things about White adults and some White children. We’re always having to explain to our kids introduced by White children about race. One of my friends has a son in the fifth grade. His white classmate told him what he says doesn’t matter because he’s black. My friend’s son had lots of problems with him all last year — so much so she had to go to the school and report him. They gone to the sixth grade and this kid is an even bigger racist bully.

Who says that? Who says that in the fifth grade? Why would a little White boy humiliate the black kid in front of his classmates? Where did he learn this was okay. Our kids learn about race before they go to a playground because they need to know how to protect themselves. White people really have no clue how much we Blacks must do to simply live in our skin and communities to co-exist with White people and survive. It’s taxing. Thanks for sharing your stories, and I hope someone learns from this example your provided.

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