Trump dismantled Joe and Obama’s panel on pandemics, what do you want him to say or do at this point? He has no power, he’s not the President, he’s a civilian now, who did something when he was in power and he’s going to have to wait his turn to do sonething. He did something, and a bunch of White people and minorities in love with their proximity to Whiteness decided they wanted to undo it. Well, here we are.

What folks don’t understand about Trump is that he’s a vindictive malignant narcissist, petty and evil down to the bone. He’s evil and I don’t blame Joe Biden for staying home. What if Biden gets out here to make us feel good because people like you need to “see” or hear from a leader and he catches the virus because he’s old as dirt and in the high-risk category.

Guess what?

We are going to be stuck with Trump because the primaries are over and there is no plan B for such incidents. Biden will be dead! What if petty patty has some evil plan to poision or imprison Biden like Putin and Jung Uh do to their rivals? People in America need to really wake up to the realities we’re in. If you’re waiting on a word from Joe to quell your anxities, you’re part of the problem.

Congress isn’t going to do anything to save America. If they were, they would have already. Everything possible that could have been done to expolit every law, system, or Constitutional power, Trumps done it. All it took was for one evil malignant narc to be able to get that type of power and now we’re all toast. Biden can’t do anything until January 2021, by then Trump could have devised his plan to not leave office as he’s doing now by dismantling the Post Office to eliminate mailing in ballots.

We. Are. On. Our. Own.

I don’t care about Bernie, and I’m not wasting my time going over what could have been, what should have been, what might have been. I’m definitely not going back and forth with someone who is going to blame Blacks for how we voted. You need to ask White people why they overwhelming found favor in Donald Trump, enough so he became the 45th President of America even with his horrific background in business and admitting he himself was a sexual predator.

Ask. White. People. Why. They. Wanted. Trump.

Black folks have been on their own since the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, so we’re quite accustomed to these shenanigans. It’s a walk in the park for us, as we’ve never had a government that works on our behalf. White people are the ones who are getting the rude awakening about wht it feels like when the government doesn’t protect you, and I’m kind of glad about it.

Perhaps they’ll have some sense of urgency to move when they’re homes and lives aren’t lacking or in danger.

As for Bernie, and young people, and White people, history keeps repeating itself, and White people and hopefully people like yourself I suppose enjoy fairytales and fantasies.

America has shown you for 400 years who she is. White people have shown us for 400 years who they are. Young people being energized but not quite making it to the polls have been a thing since forever, but you speak about all those things as if I’m suppose to believe something different when history has shown me what is so. I’m not being a doubting Thomas. I’m being a realist.

America is conservative, racist, stupid, irrational, sexist, and selfish. My rationale is based upon what I’ve seen, national and political history, and the toxic group of personal experiences I know to be true. I cannot deal in fantasy and generalities only to be let down. I’d rather be surprised than disappointed, and believing the America in the history books, believing the America my parents know and taught me about, and believing the racist America I see now — the one who STILL refuses to acknowledge it’s racist and sexist, would make me stupid.

Sorry to be so long and so ranty, but I just want to get across that it doesn’t matter what people say, it matters what they do. It doesn’t matter what either political party says, it matters what they do. It didn’t matter what Bernie said, we could see right through him and I could hear the whispers of White people. It doesn’t matter what young people say, it matters what they didn’t do.

Facts matter. Truth matter. Reality matters. We can go round and round about Bernie, and you can go round and round with Black people (who a small slither of the voting population) — but can you go round and round with the racist, ignorant, selfish, stupid, and naive White people and non-White people who pass as White who continue to vote like the colonials/imperials?

Have that same energy to dissect them the way you feel the need to question Black decisions. I don’t see it. It’s a problem.

White people are the problem, not Black people. We Black folks are the mirror held up to show White people who they are. They just don’t want to believe what we are showing them. Bernie isn’t the problem. Black people aren’t the problem. White Supremacy is the problem, and that’s what this piece is about.

Talk to and question White people. Dissect White people. Harrass White people. Scapegoat White people. Encourage White people to make better choices. Tell White people their choices are poor ones. Convince White people. Chastise White people. Debase White people. Go try to win over White people.

We didn’t create the constructs and dilemmas. We just try to exist inside of them.

Marley K.

Written by

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