Trump was elected as a result of a Blacklash from the Obama presidency. There were numerous White Evangelicals and Southern Baptists along with patriarchs who believed women shouldn’t lead. Jewish racism was another issue. Plenty of Whites wouldn’t vote for a Jew or a White woman at the top of a Presidential. Lets not forget White folks feeling they needed to take back their White House. The Russians tapped into the racial resentment and made a mess of our faux democracy.

Add to this White politicians know in a few short years White people are going to be the minority group. They talk about it every where, every chance they get, including church(heard it for myself). They are doing their last hoorah to maintain White power and social order by any and every means necessary (i.e. lie, cheat, steal, White Nationalism, White terrorism, voter suppression,). It’s undeniable.

Racism and politics inextricably linked. White people can’t see it and are unwilling to admit it because it means they’d have to admit they played a role in it directly or indirectly, and that’s not their m.o. If Trump is reelected, it simply means enough White people were willing to overlook, deny, and agree with the lies, ineptitude, corruption, death, theft, cheating, collusion, and egregious racism for one of three reasons.

Either they are racists, pro-inequality, or neoconservative capitalists [and hypocrites]. All the other flowery explanations you gave are what White people say when they are knee deep in Whiteness, too blind to see the truth.

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