Truth: To Share Or Not To Share

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The Truth

Those darn truths. You know the ones that hurt your feelings really bad. The kind that people refuse to see because it doesn’t reflect the “best” of them. The truths that shows them in a negative light. The kind of truths that cut deep. The kind of truth that forces people to re-evaluate who they are, what they thought they saw in themselves, or even what they believed about themselves. The kind of hurtful truths that force people to deny the obvious about themselves or their loved ones.

If life has taught me one thing, it’s taught me that we humans will do anything except accept the truth.

What We Can’t Say

Husbands and significant others can’t tell their spouses dinner is horrible, or that they are horrible cooks period. We couldn’t dare hurt their feelings, so we suffer in silence and allow the spouse to live a lie. We can’t tell our kids they suck sometimes, or that they are acting horrible when they are being disrespectful and rude. Instead, we must spare their feelings so they can grow up floating throughout life being the type of person people hate. Thanks helicopter parenting.

When You Can’t Share Your Own Truths

There are times in life when you have your own truths you need to disclose. Personal truths you’ve discovered via living life and self discovery. Sometimes these truths are old hurts or wounds you were prevented from telling. While your truths may be personal, they aren’t always well received when spoken aloud.

My Truth

The truth indeed sets us free. Lies keep us bound, tied to fantasies. I’m no longer living lies to protect and pretend. I tell truth tactfully, but I tell it.

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