I am so confused by the Meg-Tory story. I would like to have more info before forming an opinion, but I also understand there is an investigation going on. I don’t know what’s going on, but having worked in domestic violence and sexual assault I feel we need for all sides of the story to come out. While Tory’s and the police’s silence are defeaning, there is likely more to the story which is the reason for the lack of arrest or police details.

Him shooting her in her feet was intentional. He appears to be (if allegations are true) a coward and definitely a classic abuser, the kind that makes sure you leave with scars for life.

As for our community, Hip-Hop/Rap and violence, I’m having a really difficult time grappling with it all in 2020. I’m putting things in perspective these days (death does that to old heads), and this genre is so far out of order, especially for a Black Lives Matter moment. I think we need to have a reckoning of our own among family. Hip-hop is too big and popular to condone and facilitate so much violence. We’re exporting this trash into the world like drugs. We need to check ourselves right now!

The insincerity, clout-chasing, degrading and devaluing of women, domestic violence and drugs still being peddled in hip-hop by these young cats during the pandemic is crazy. As of late, I’m finding my solace in my old heads (i.e. D-Nice, Kid-Kapri, Uncle Luke, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DMX, Missy Elliott) who have weathered many stormsand who are staying home and entertaining us on social media as the try to protect their families from Covid-19. The new generation act like it’s business as usual. I’m losing respect for them fast.

As a DV victim, I understand and sympathize with the way Meg’s been mistreated on social media by co-signers of violence and the ignorant. It’s a problem as old as we are and hip-hop needs to come grips with that.

But I also can’t help but think if both Meg and Tory were at home following social distancing guidance and taking this pandemic seriously instead of partying with those bad-luck Kardashian’s/Jenner, neither would have been caught up like this, potentially ruining both their bags. Young people make stupid decisions sometimes. When I look at both Meg and Tory right now, at least 20 bad choices jump out at me. Yes, people are shitty (and nosey), but people in general, including celebrities, should learn to make better decisions, pick better friends and lovers, and learn how to follow the same laws and ordinances we all have to in order to save their lives and ours. Staying home could have saved both of them from all the embarrassing fodder and disrespect both are receiving now.

You can’t be shot or go to jail (99% of the time) if you have your ass in your house quarantined instead of partying with celebs without a mask on the Gram. There are a lot of lessons here. I hope they all learn them. People are shitty, but in my opinion they both treated themselves the shittiest of all.

Stay home. Don’t go out unless it’s necessary. Protect others. Respect humanity. If you don’t, the world is never opening back up.

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