Understod, but who says men should stop living because of someone else’s fears. If that’s the case, Black people should be afraid of White people because of the little inconvenient truth of slavery. Blacks should afraid to sleep in their homes at night because they could wake up with a burning cross in their yards. We could be afraid of White men because of their history of raping Black female housekeepers, their slaves.

Do you see how utterly ridiculous your point is? No one gets to live paralyzed and afraid except White women. For the rest of us, we must move on. Ever wondered why that is so?

I’m not giving fragile White women a pass. Yes, we all need to be considerate of others, but it’s not anyone’s job to pacify the fear psychosis of White women but White women. They aren’t going to add another burden unto me. Men shouldn’t have to dsal with it either. I respectfully disagree with your perspective. The men in her life should correct her instead of condoning her irresponsible behavior. No other group of women in the world get the same privilege of White women.

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