Understood. I haven’t called my dad today either. The older he gets, the more grouchy he gets. My dad did some of the same embarrassing things like coming to my kids’ football games smelling like alcohol. State track meets too. He has been so mean lately I just can’t bring myself to be bothered. It’s too stressful, and he feels like we owe him something. We are supposed to call him, we are supposed to respect him. When we do call, all he talks about is how tired he is and he doesn’t have time to talk because he was getting ready to go lay down. Don’t call, then he’s mad because you didn’t call him.

I have no time for anybody else mental health issues and bullshit. I am good and grown, and I spend my time and money with people who bring me pleasure. That’s why I’m reading and writing today. Thank God for Nana’s and other people who stand in the gap when we need support. Enjoy your day love! #noguilt #noshame

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