Very interesting and I see this happening to my friend’s kids first hand. They all have cell phones, to include an 11-year old. The mom has taught the kids that they “need” a phone to stay connected. These kids don’t know what to do if she confiscates their phones for misbehavior. If the phones are taken, they need to talk even if they have nothing to talk about. They don’t go outside, they have no friends after school, they don’t know how to play or make friends. They are super anxious, the thing that scares me the most is how much they think they know. They know everything about everything already, yet absolutely know nothing.

The children are 11, 12, and 15 and will argue a 50 year old down (disrespectfully at times) about shit they’ve Googled or feel instead of listening to the wisdom and experience of their mom. They have cell phone courage with no life-skills and experiences to back an argument up. Furthermore, why are they arguing with every single thing we try to teach them? It’s almost as if this generation is unteachable. They prefer technology over practical wisdom. I find myself having fewer conversations with Gen-Z kids, because they are know-it-alls. You can’t help to keep them from making the same mistakes we did because they know everything already.

The other piece that sticks out to me about Gen-Z is how addicted kids are to their phones. My friend’s kids break any and all rules to keep that thing stuck in their faces all day and night, and their mom fails to see how their behavior will eventually be detrimental to their growth and development as responsible, respectful, well-rounded adults. They are phone addicts today, because they are addicted to the interwebs. What will they be addicted to tomorrow? My friend’s kids are super anxious, upper middle-class suburban kids. They have too much access, and too little oversight. The things we did as kids her (i.e. clean, wash a car, cook their own meals, iron, fix their own hair, do their own laundry), her kids can’t do. But, they can tell me all about Fortnite or YouTube stars entirely too old to be sharing foolery with them, something some vlogger says about beauty, and do the latest dance craze. These kids have everything , yet they have nothing. I fear what this family’s future holds. The red lights are flashing!

A house with a poor foundation will not stand. And even if it does manage to stand somehow, the internal and external cracks will be seen by inspectors prospective buyers. It can fool folks for a little while, but eventually those cracks are exposed (and when they are, the home is worthless). Parents using inferior/substitute products to build their foundations (phones to raise/pacify kids), taking short cuts to get it done quicker (allowing kids to learn and respect Google instead of teaching and molding practical little people), and a lack of oversight during the building process (parents watching TV and scrolling their own social media pages instead of monitoring their own kids for anxiety, drug use, mental and behavioral health issues) during the building process will surely be noticed (and felt) by us all. I feel sorry for this generation of kids. I feel sorrier for us, because it seems they are never going to have many of the same life-skills building experiences their parents did.

And that’s a damn shame.

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