Watch Out For White Feminism This Presidential Election Cycle

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What feminism tends to looks like

Why Hillary Loss Black Women In 2016

Hillary loss for a variety of reasons. Many of those reasons are directly linked to the White Feminism movement. Many of those reasons still haven’t been addressed. One of the primary reasons Hillary loss was because minority communities didn’t trust her. Her track record on civil rights was sketchy at best, fair weather at its worst. Hillary’s record showed she’s only on the right side of civil rights when it benefits her politically or career-wise, just like many White feminists in the Democratic Party.

Feminist Didn’t Care About Clinton’s Past Policies That Harmed Us

In 2016, White feminism didn’t care how Hillary’s power grab harmed us. Too many White feminists didn’t have a clue. Even more White feminism didn’t remember. Hardly any of them cared. As usual, all the feminist organizations were silent or AWOL.

White Feminist Candidates And Their Toxic Groupies Are Coming

I’ve already seen plenty of essays written by White feminists on Medium and elsewhere how great it is to have so many choices of women getting in the race. I’m dreading the coming months as more articles flood the internet with the same old weak talking points on how it’s time for a woman President speaking from their vantage points of privilege.

Don’t Believe the Feminists Hype

Women of Color can no longer afford to give our votes away to any party or any candidate because they come into our communities and ask for it, nor can we give away our votes because another woman wants us to simply because the candidate is a woman.

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