Well didn’t you tidily summarize this up! On point again as usual. I’m betting on collapse…for some reason people don’t take these events seriously. Every major institution in our government (with the exception of the pentagon, the NSA, the CIA) are infected with apocalyptic cronyism that will collapse our very infrastructure. White women will one day wake up to find themselves not only at the bottom of the pile like the rest of the brown folks already there. Tricked!

Mitch McConnell used the term hoodwinked today on the floor of the senate this morning. I could have just died! They (Wealthy white men) are hoodwinking their own peeps (Poor whites, young white men, cabal lovin white women). Except their peeps don’t know what that looks like because they aren’t accustomed to being in “hoods.” It’s going to be some interesting times watching them try to figure out how to climb out of the gutters, with their beloved riches all gone.

Trump is a crook, a scam artist, and wolf in lily white sheep’s clothing. Everything he touches turns Black and dies. So will America. His reputation precedes him. The greedy shall have their just desserts for following foolish jesters instead of noble statesmen.

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