Well I guess Whiteness would give the appearance of being superior after Christianity and colonialism was spread throughout the Brown world taking natural resources, exploiting, indoctrinating, etc. Colonialism decimated the cultures and resources of nations, causing people not to be able to care for themselves. Of course people are trying to get the hell out of places you describe in search of better. Colonialism, globalism schemes and industrialization (thanks to Cotton and slavery) in all its evolved forms have stripped people of their ancient abilities to care for themselves and trade.

As far as people running here…yes they are running here thanks to sanctioned propaganda spread throughout the world by our State Department as a welcoming place of opportunity for immigrants and refugees. They learn about real America after they get here, especially if they are Black or Brown. Again, if you spend any time around Black and Brown first generation immigrants and refugees, they’ll tell you a different tale about what it’s like here, and ain’t the one you’re singing.

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