Well, I think knowing the evils and finding a way around them are two of the biggest things you could do. Finding readers of color not promoted as “feature” or “ preferred” on social media sites like Medium helps. It forces the algorithms to at least pay attention to us enough so that a real person gets to read what we are saying to push our posts.

Non- Black people also should complain about the lack of diversity in thoughts and views on social media platforms, and watch for complaining if censoring Black people. Help us complain.

Medium for example is heavy on the White feminism. It’s not hiding that from anyone. It’s so strong it drowns out voices of color, especially Black women. We come off as angry and appearing to always talk about race. But it’s okay for White feminist to be angry, scary, toxic, violent, scorned, hurt, etc. They are portrayed as victims. Black women are an afterthought. White men also get lots of feature face time, which in my opinion reflective of the leadership at the top (i.e.Siobhan O’Connor). Even the hating trolls on our posts show just how little caution or care social media has for Black women. White/Anglo/European men have permission and the privilege to be racist with their language. No filtering required.

If White audiences are good, nobody else matters. Period! Stop being “good” with social media’s curating.

If diverse audiences and dialogs are desired, unfortunately White people/non-Black people must complain. Those are the only voices respected as the writer clearly explained. In order for us to be heard, we need our White allies to be more vocal about the vanilla voices that always manage to rise to the to like cream in coffee.

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