Well it really helps if you have personal relationships with the people you refer to or think you dislike in order to be informed. My views vary. I’m somewhat conservative. I don’t care about group think. I only block people who are being disrespectful in a racist way. Keyword being disrespectful. There is a way to disagree without being disrespectful. It’s easier not to engage than to argue.

For the record, I have had White friends and close associates that have gone above and beyond for me. That has nothing to do about White or Black or your political persuasion — it has to do with being a good decent human being.

I dislike Trump because he’s not a good person. I also disliked Bill Clinton. Before it was all over, Obama while a decent guy, I disliked his governance style (although the GOP didn’t leave him much room to govern). The Dems and GOP go tit-for-tat all the time, and there is no good leader in my opinion. They are all evil, we just must pick the one that harms us the least. The evil your perceive may not be the evil I think does me less harm. I have to respect your interests and you must respect mines. Such is life.

As far as what I did. I tried to learn the system. I have always been a system thinker. So, I’m able to navigate better than others. It’s been a blessing and a curse. If I go into White spaces and know to much I’m seen as a know-it-all and a threat. If I got into Black spaces and try to teach what I have learned, it’s seen as too hard or not a traditional thought so it’s often dismissed.

The system does holds me down in invisible ways that people can’t see and is hard to prove — so they people like you tend to not believe“the man keeping us down” is not true. For example, employment biases. Universities have studied and reported on employment biases for decades and yet it still occurs. If Black people can’t get jobs because the person reviewing the resume has a bias (conscious or subconscious) against certain ethnic groups — they keep people out of the workforce. People of color were kept out of the military preventing them from accessing benefits only available to Whites like the GI BIll which allowed them to buy homes. They had a head start on creating generational wealth over Blacks — that the man keeping us down.

When Whites decided after desegregation they would segregate in new Christian and other private schools where Blacks weren’t allowed to attend — they took with them resources they accrued over generations. When they refuses to live in communities with us and they are the higher wage earners, our Black schools suffer. They have better resources, newer books, better/latest technologies, curriculum modification based upon employment trends (poor communities of color rarely get this), etc — giving the kids better preparation for the work force and a leg up — That’s the man keeping you down. I can go on all day about the ways we are kept down. Some of us have parents that sacrifice so that we have more than they did, but it’s still hard. You can teach what you don’t know.

Black people can’t show other Black people how to get a someplace if they’ve never been there. They can’t pass wealth to their families in the form of homes, stocks, and businesses if they’re given the opportunity to accrue those things. And lets not talk about stripping away voting rights which determines what happens to us at a local level.

If rich, White districts are given more power via gerrymandering even though they are fewer in number or districts are redrawn to favor and give more power to White voters — then how does that help Black people and Black communities. It doesn’t. If Black people could trust White people to do the right thing, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Remember, civil rights for Black people are less than 60 years old in nation that has been around for hundreds of years. I’m not sure why White people have such a hard time grasping this concept.

There is nothing fair in getting ahead when Whites have had a 400 year head start here in America.

The stock market is gambling plain and simple, it’s about forecasting wealth and only making people richer who have the money to invest in it to gamble care about it. Most people without such means are worried about paying their light bill and why the price of basics like eggs, cheese, gas and power towels continue to increase while their checks do not.

The bottom line is you could never identify with those perspectives because they aren’t yours. Now, we all can do things to make our lives a little easier today (i.e. complete some schooling, don’t have kids before you’re ready, stay out of trouble, be lucky to be born in the right places), but for most non-white people, none of these things will guarantee our success. Instead of White men looking around and asking themselves why can’t other people do better aka pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, it would be nice if they’d look around and acknowledge how much they collectively do possess, how much they do own, how much power they possess nationally and globally and then try to look systemically at why.

In any event Ernie, it doesn’t matter if it’s Obama, Trump, Warren, Harris, Booker, etc., none of these people are in office for us. They have us out here boxing each other, angry at each other, and singing their talking points as they get salaries for life, better benefits than any of us, and opportunities to cheat our systems for their personal benefit. Some politicians are worse than others, and some lie more than others. At the end of the day, we have to use our own personal discernment to decipher the truth. And trust me — no political figure on earth is doing right by his/her people. The people who run for office are a special breed of folk. Good people doing good things happens at the local levels of our societies. Not sure why we can’t understand that.

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