Well it was great learning about how different we all are. I will try not to be angry at White people who don’t remember me. I’m still going to roll my eyes though (lol).

I always feel for people when they’ve spent too much time in one environment and don’t fit in anywhere. My friend’s kids are going through this now. They’ve always lived in upper middle class White communities. Always the only Black kids. Now they are in high school and they don’t fit in with Black kids — and they are afraid of them. They prefer to be around White and Jewish kids. As they get older and go to college, I’m not sure how they are going to manage reality. Sometimes White friends change when they learn about their privilege. And Black people don’t like Blacks who didn’t get the memo about duality. It’s tough. I am here for duality. No one should forsake or be ashamed of their culture in pursuit of Whiteness. We all gotta do what we have to do to survive this world. Some of us must do more than others (like Black people 😂). Duality is like being fluid in two languages. It’s a must for Black people to survive mentally, and when they fail to grasp both worlds (Whiteness and Blackness), they usually struggle.

It’s a lesson my mom taught me early and I’m so thankful. It’s a sensitive topic. People weigh success differently. Assimilating for a “better life” is a big deal for a lot of Blacks, but what’s the cost?

Tell the Mayor he is doing way too much to go to the store 😂. He sounds like he pulls white socks up to his knee caps and wears those old Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers like my daddy. I bet he is a fun guy, but ironing to go to the store smh. Was he in the military? Sounds like it.

It’s was very nice meeting you too. Thanks so much for helping me understand transactional white privilege — or something like that. Now I won’t be offended when White people don’t remember me.

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