Well, we can agree to disagree except about the part of Black bigots. You are right in that there Black militant racist protesting, but they are not a representative of ALL Black men, just bigoted racist ignorant ones. There were White AND Black bigots in the video. You probably should learn about your Blacks and Black bigotry. I know my Whites and White bigotry. Apparently you don’t spend enough time around bigots or gangs if you think any behavior was good or right.

No one acted decent in that video, except the Native America guy, who probably should have let the two bigoted sides go at it and moved. That’s what normal people do when they see gang fights. The video is nothing more than a reflection of what America truly is, and that’s a divided nation. The reflection on the video did not lie, we just see it differently based on what side of the tracks we’re born on and the color of your skin.

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