Well you see enough bad people in your life at an early age doing the same terrible you kind of learn those things are truths. I love women, but we can be terrible with men lol. People watching also helps.

I agree not saying no and tolerating bad behavior sets little girls up for disastrous relationships. I don’t understand why parents forget home is the launching pad for life. Nobody wants to literally fight for someones love, especially their love.

Well, my son sounded pretty definitive about breaking up after the holidays. They are in Orlando for the weekend to celebrate her birthday. I’m a few hours a way and you’d think she would suggest him coming to see me right? Nope. But he has to visit her family often.

Pretty much put a nail in the coffin for me. Any woman not concerned with you see your family on occasion is selfish, birthday or not. Girlfriends come and go…but mama is eternal.

I’m pretty sure their relationship will be ending. And I advised him to enjoy life. He has friends that he’s grown up with from pop warner football through completing college. They all are spread out but they love to connect. I encourage that. Good long-term friendships are important, especially when his brother is not the best friend.

Some young women fail all the tests lol.

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