Were you in my house just a few moments ago because I just had this long, “robust” discussion about the term Black from the geo-political sense and how lumping all people by skin tones erases their struggle (lol). I personally have a problem with both Black and African-American for many of the reasons you’ve noted here. Using the term Black includes everyone in the African diaspora even though many of those people engage in racism and anti-Blackness themselves. It’s complicated.

I dislike the fact that ADOS (African-American Descendants of Slaves) must share the term Black with people who have not had the same experiences as us. We can’t advocate for our issues. We are constantly erased and dismissed when we attempt to separate our issues from that of Black POC and other Black-Americans who may not be descendants of slaves. ADOS Blacks don’t have the same issues and needs concerns as Jamaican immigrant Blacks or Jamaican-Americans. Afro-Cuban Blacks don’t have the same issues as Black-Mexicans. When we combine and erase, we erase ourselves, we do the jobs of White Supremacists. They orchestrated the racket of erasing Blacks. We need to make all Black matter.

Why is there are requirement that we do this?

I feel it’s really going to be problematic for Senator Harris in November too which was the source of my robust discussion. I already see it. It’s a legitimate concern, but one I think we’re all going to lose.

All Black ain’t equal, and I’m tired of being erased personally. I believe it’s okay to fight for your group’s specific issues. Everyone else is allowed to except ADOS. ADOS should be able to freely separate from the rest of the Blacks when specifically addressing America’s 400 year war with them without being pressured to let others come under the tent who aren’t really vested in the fight although they benefits. We have issues that need to be addressed and as long as we allow white supremacy to divide us or in this case lump us, we can never hold America accountable. All Black gripes and concerns aren’t the same. We need to respect that.

I write intelligent, unvarnished thoughts on anti-Blackness, racism, politics, Black people, and White Supremacy. White Fragility🚫| www.ko-fi.com/marleyk

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