What a Disgrace? Flake Admits He had Doubts About Kavanaugh

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake admitted on the View this week he had doubts about the testimony of the newly-confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, but he voted for Kavanaugh anyway.

He had doubts, and he voted yes anyway. He had the power to stop this man with questionable integrity from sitting on the highest court, and yet he gave him the greenlight to go. He had the ability to single-handedly save basic frameworks of democracy, but he chose to cower like a kid being bullied in a school yard.

We knew Senator Flake was lying and full of bullshit the during the Supreme Court hearings drama, well Black folks did anyway. We have seen these types of theatrics too many times in our everyday lives to count. These politicians come to our neighborhoods, they give us hope, they make us fake promises, they go back to their offices, and then they kick us in our asses.

Every. Single. Time.

When it comes to the GOP’s White power and White privilege, White men will never give it up. Never!

The GOP will lie to retain their power (just turn on your television or read the paper).

The GOP will cheat to keep other people from getting power (just look at how they drop Black and Brown people from voter rolls nationally, they redraw districts to favor conservative leanings, and they create unnecessary voter laws to intimidate us. Ole cheating asses).

The GOP will steal from us in our faces and behind our backs to stay in power (they stole that Supreme Court Justice seat with some crazy rule made up by the Grand Puba of the new Klan, Mitch McConnell).

Flake, with his GOP buddies, have stacked the lower courts with plenty of conservative judges to ensure they are able to receive the outcomes they’ve planned for.

So, the old Senator got what he and his cronies wanted. Flake voted for the rich (himself) to get a tax break, and he ensured any Conservative petitions and cases making it up to the U.S. Supreme Court will get the outcome they want.

I’m glad Jeff Flake is retiring. Jeff Flake has the right name, he is indeed a damned flake. He’s a phony. He’s a crony, and no matter how hard he tries to save what’s left of his tattered reputation, he’ll be seen by many of us as just another White man with a jelly back. He won’t stand for anyone or anything except himself, his Whiteness, and maybe his family…but I have my doubts about the last one.

Flake bends during tough times like warm Twizzler.

Sen. Jeff Flake had no business in a leadership position. He is as fake as a $4 bill. He would put voting to keep his party (and White men) in power over doing what’s right for the country, and the people. Flake would rather give the appearance of impropriety before the American people to please his political party instead of doing the right thing, which was to cast a no-vote because he had doubts.

What a wuss.

I shouldn’t be surprised that he admitted he knew Kavanaugh was being less than honest,because he is a White man with power and uber privilege in place for nothing more than to ensure power is passed on to more White men. What does he have to lose? Absolutely, nothing!

Flake’s reputation is solidified, he is tarnished with Black just like everything else Trump touches. He chose to ignore the citizenry and has allowed a dictator to circumvent democracy time and time again. His power to check is zero. He admitted it with his own mouth.

What a sad, sad, day for America.

America is now no different than some of the African and South American with corrupt governments. We have become what our men and women in our armed forces have fought against your decades globally.

Yet again, a rich White man in America chose White privilege and Supremacy and smeared it in our Black and Brown faces. There is nowhere to go from here but down for us, but at least Black and Brown folks know what we’re up against.

I hope it was worth it for Flakey Jeff Flake.

If you don’t understand White power and White privilege…just keep watching. These last few months are better than any textbook or college class you’ll ever experience.

Marley K., 2018


Sassy writer of unvarnished thoughts on anti-Blackness, racism, politics, Black people. | www.marleyisms.com | www.ko-fi.com/marleyk | Twitter @MarleyK20 |

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