What a great breakdown! I guess this is how all this works in racist households, but my question is why isn’t it seen as a threat to public safety? Why aren’t Whites concerned when they are as likely to be killed at movie theaters, at the grocery store, at school, at work, etc. It seems to me they’d be afraid of their own, but they are not. They’d rather complain about the South Side of Chicago (a Fox talking point) instead of the problems with White Nationalism and domestic terrorism. If they love America, why don’t they want to be safe too. It shows their hypocrisy and makes it very difficult to trust their judgement.

I do understand they have a war mentality, which is why I tell people we are entering a phase of civil war prep. This group of radical racist are serious about a White America and will die trying to prop the lie up. I hate politics and religion both, they both got us here. Sadly, most people can’t see the writing on the wall. This won’t end well for us, and it will be an ugly stain on our history. Hopefully we will beat Trump in 2020, but I find it hard to believe we can. Dems have their own racism issues and they are manifesting themselves causing factions within the party. We are a racist nation, and if we don’t figure out how to atone and move on, we are going to implode.

The experiment (and the lie) will be over.

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