What about the Black people? Many Black people and Brown people did what they were supposed to because they couldn’t afford to be sick. They needed to protect themselves but were told to wash their hands instead of covering their faces with a mask. Everyone keeps focusing on Trump supporters, but forget them. They are motivated by something else. I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about the people who were afraid and trusted the federal government and our public health system.

What about the people would could have purchased the appropriate PPE to protect themselves at work in Feburary instead of April? What about the misinformation intentional spread via the CDC to people who were looking for the federal government to provide accurate, medically sound data and science to prevent illness? That could have been done in February. I live in Miami where we had the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl should have been canceled. People with means come here from all over the world importing the virus to watch football and engage in the city’s seedy nightlife. How many people could have been saved in January.

I spoke with someone today who has a parent who works at Disney in Orlando and they have been sick with Covid for 7 seeks because someone decided to traveil ill. Also, employers here in FL required employees to come to work but didn’t provide PPE for weeks.

So much could have been done, and to only consider Trump voters without taking into consideration all the people who wanted and needed information to protect themselves because THEY WANTED TO protect themselves is the same short-sighted scenario so many White people use. People could have ordered PPE from China. America didn’t have any. Citizens would have been a lot more cautious and not so casual in closed spaces. Folks could have fought harder to work from home and employers could have made accomodations for employees to work from home sooner, not 3–4 months later.

Do other people even matter in the equation, or is everything now for the health and wellbeing of all people hinging upon Trump supporters. I must disagree with your perspective, as it’s not taking into consideration people who actually depended on the government to provide information to save their lives, not kill them.

Woodward’s disclosure could have protected many people besides Trump supporters. Millions of people.

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