What an awesome recounting Daniel! It takes a lot to confess you’re part of such a global problem, but trust me, most Black folks are so caring and compassionate that we really understand the system and how things work. We just want it fixed and we want to see White people taking charge and fixing not patching up and skirting responsibilities. We are glad when good white folks get it and can join in the fights without taking over/co-opting.

Like you, I can see in so many movies written and produced by White creatives their soft definition of allyship consists of flip-flopping, self-aggrandizing, and reinterpreting their relationships in alliances to suit their needs. In most movies, there is always a motive, and that’s a problems. Ally is a terrible term to give to White antiracism supporters and activist and I hope people will be open to see the disservice the term does to antiracism work. Ending white supremacy is going to take more than allies. We need freedom fighters, firemen, building construction techs, community planners and all sorts of good white folks to end racial discrimination and decrease the massive amount of inequality see throughout the globe.

Not only here, but all over the world. If good white people can change enough of indifferent, apathetic, bad and ignorant White folks’ minds and hearts, we can change the entire world. Many other countries using colonial methods to rule their people and it’s just not sustainable or humane. White supremacy need to die and White people need to kill it. The world is watching and waiting…still.

Thanks for your feedback Daniel. I really appreciate it.

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