What an awesome way to think of prayer with loved ones, thank you for reading. Like you, I feel queezy when it’s time to pray. It’s the insistence that I participate in the ritual and the reaction that I receive when I express my desire not to that makes things awkward. I don’t impede them from giving thanks so why throw shade when I don’t join in. I just believe when we give in, we relinquish our power. And let’s not talk about the hypocrisy. Pray before you eat…but hate certain people.

I just feel too personally convicted, confused and uncomfortable when placed in situations where praying is involved. I think it’s unfortunate we must forgo our own comfort and discard our own beliefs for a few moments to allow others to have theirs. Nothing is going to happen if we don’t bless our food anyway.

You’re a good person. We all must find ways to navigate religion when we’re agnostic I suppose.

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