What an interesting take. You know it just goes back to the point I made earlier about polling White people because they lie. Turns out, more voted for Trump than last time, meaning minorities and Black candidates who wanted something else had the opportunity to have a more progressive candidate had they not listened to conservative and moderate Whites in either party who insist on having their way EVERY election cycle.

I still remember that conversation the retired military guy who contracted for the Pentagon. He and some other typical cops and military members talked about how they hated Trump but would vote for Biden. The fact that Dems held the almost identical percentage of support for the national ticket says it didn't really matter who the candidate was, White conservatives and moderates weren't going to change.

Polling did not reflect this because White voters lie about who they're voting for and their intentions.

There are so many lessons from these last 5 years (or 12 if you look back at the Obama runs). The Democratic Party needs a makeover. It needs to be younger, more progressive and less White. There are plenty of progressive candidates who can do the work if White politicians, activist and consultants get out of the way. America is changing and we are at a turning point. I can say I won't be supporting either party anymore without something tangible for Black voters that I can get behind.

I'm tired of giving my money to a party that lives in the past. I can't do this anymore.

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