When I saw the purpose of ruling it made some sense to me although I felt like it was a sorry excuse, especially since she had her uniform on when she shot him. My partner is retired federal law enforcement and she received special pay because she was on call 24 hours a day. She had to carry her firearm 24/7 with the exception of a few bars, restaurants, and public events that wouldn’t allow her to even with her federal law enforcement creds/badge. She even had the responsibility of being a federal air Marshall when we flew anywhere.

Because of Guyger’s classification as a shift employee, the city was able to use that as an excuse that she was not on call 24/7 and that her job description did not require her to do duties during her off time even though we all know when the shit hits the fan it’s an unspoken that these officers be on call.

It indeed was legaleese, but this case was different than many of the others where officers on duty killed civilians. Guyger was off duty, meaning the city was not legally liable for her actions and could explain why they terminated her so quickly. I’m sure there is a small legal loophole concerning other matters the city screwed up on, but it appears the family’s forgiving/hugging session in the courtroom was a huge mistake and has cost the family dearly. The attorney should have advised better. I all attorneys took note. That hug made it seem as if all was well with their spirits and the matter was over.

Lesson #59493- Get the bag first, forgive at a later date in private. Nobody has to know.

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