Where have you been? This started the day Obama was elected back in 2008, when all the White rage and vitriol of a racist White man from Kentucky decided he was going to make Obama a one-term president.

For the first four years Mitch McConnell along with Evangelical leaders stoked fires, raised up racist, disrespectful White religious leaders, entertained the Tea Party looney tunes, and stoked illegitimate white rage until 2012 when they took control of the Senate. They have continued this for 12 years. It’s been downhill since.

I sat among you White Evangelical racist until 2008 when I attended “multicultural” Evangelical church led by White men. I’ve heard you all talk. I volunteer in the church office. You folks despise everything Jesus stands for, which why Trump is their leader. Whether you’re will to admit it, your (Evangelical) values align. I watched you advocate for White rule and White Christian values. Asking us for our votes and money so you White Evangelicals can have more power. Evangelicals knew they were fringed. I saw their little Focus on the Family and Heritage Foundation orgs take government money just like Franklin and Billy Graham has for decade, lobbying, getting into abstinence education, and doing “charitable works" overseas while cozying up with Presidents to get more money and more White Evangelical power. It’s been a quiet marriage, but I peeped it long ago.

The truth is racism and segregation have always been the driver of Evangelical fire and brimstone religion. I saw your White rage. I sat with it. I watched it disrespect and ignore me and my sons. The Evangelical church is nothing more than the South and Jim Crow hosted in small buildings all across this country each week, protected by the government.

After 2008, I left church and Christianity all together and I never looked back. The same White people you say are good, are the descendants of White people who used your corrupt White God, White bible, and White rule to enslave African Americans and to keep us bound til this day. There is nothing good about your Evangelical/Puritan/Protestant values. Every time I see you all I laugh because you’re hypocrites. Every time I read essays like this I become angry because you’re all so ignorant, so White, and so privileged you have no clue how otherness (non-Whites) sees you. Evangelicals are nothing more scripture quoting hypocrites and racists who don’t even have the wherewithal to do a quick Google search to see Trumpism IS your history and legacy, par for the course.

Evangelicalism is nothing more than protestantism, puritanism and colonialism, just like “militias” and alt-right are nothing more than fancy names for slave patrols, klansmen, and slaveholders.

There is nothing new under the sun except the methods White people use to erase/forget their own history and the ways White folks will try to find goodness in White people, even when there is no goodness to be found in them. You’re so caught up in calling them good you’ve literally said nothing about the victims of all the Evangelical lies, with rage, faux outrage, hate, and racism. This is par for the course too.

I would suggest the author study the root of what he believes and who he follows, because clearly he doesn’t know his American and world history about the evolution of his religion. There has never been anything good about Western Christianity. Just ask the Black diaspora and Native Americans/America’s First People what Protestants and Puritans did to them. Good people alright.

I’ll rest my case.

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