Whew chile you snatched my soul and never gave it back. This was beautiful Lecia. It describes our struggle and embodies so many of my thoughts. We (Blacks) are not going to be a priority in 2020. White Supremacy is going to be centered. White people are already being centered in our fight (e.g. Portland). The focus has gone from Black lives mattering to white women being injured by the federal government.

No one has shit to say when they beat, kill, sexually assault, and harass us as Black women. It’s the same old playbook and White people follow it up like children following the Pied Piper. They are so gullible, so hard-headed, and so weak. We will not move forward because they cannot decenter themselves. I’m ready to take everything they’ve stolen from our ancestors and I don’t care if America has to collapse in the process. If that’s what change looks like, let it fall.

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