Whew! I can't thank you enough for thinking of all the ways to engage White people on their anti-racism journey. I addition to the subjects you're considering, I'd like to add a few topics and the reasons why in case readers read the comments.

Microaggressions: White people do a lot of things that they classify as rude, but they are being rude because they are racist (implicit biases). Teach the history of America and how their rudeness is rooted in racism.

Voting: Point blank, the way White people vote is racist. White people need to vote against their own interests in order to save the rest of us. After 400-years, we're not asking them to give away their personal belongings to repay us. Stop voting for dog park and vote to add Black playgrounds in our neighborhoods. Our kids should come before White dogs who will never grow up, work, and become taxpayers.

Making Friends: Go to places where there are no-White people. We don't bite. We have fun. We laugh. We trust White people when we see and feel we can be safe around them. Likewise, if you see us outside of the ways White people teach White people to see Black people, things would be better between us.

Children: Raise children not be racist. Our kids know tell on their racist parents and their parents' friends because they bring the racism to the school house. Racism is learned. Racism is taught at home. Teach children to embrace and respect diversity.

Entertainment Read more black literature, seek out more Black creatives, watch more Black film not about slavery, maids, or Blacks pre-Jim Crow. Get to know us better.

That's it for now, but I just want to thank you. I'm so happy to see people doing something besides crying about it's too much and too overwhelming.

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