Whew you preached a sermon Sis. I am sorry you’ve had the experiences so many of us had. Once you’ve been excluded a few times, you get the memo. We’ve all experienced it. I excluded myself (lol). My philosophy is if you stay low to the ground you don’t have far to fall. White people have a way of knocking us from our pedestals letting us know we ain’t all that in their realm.

I have seen first hand White kids expose Black kids to drugs, teach them how to game parents to get them from school early, encourage/model eating disorders, and the mental health drama…especially in White girls. My friend talks about how her girls come home all weird because so many of the White girls at her kids’ school have some sort of mental health disorder.

Like you, I believe sharing the patheticness of Whiteness is a way for us to tell our truth, improve our emotional well-being, and remove dangers from our lives. It’s the unhappiness for me. White people aren’t happy, and the only way they find joy is to make others feel small. They have to be some of the most miserable people on earth. When all their stuff is gone, they have nothing, and no friends either, because they don’t really know how to be friends. Friendships for most White people are transactional. Most are so juvenile in that aspect.

I agree the best thing for us in their spaces is to ignore them if and when we can. We don’t have continue allowing them to belittle us. Unless they are doing something to our property, we need to be in our own worlds and doing our own thing. Somehow, they’ll still manage to police our properties because that’s what they do best, police Black bodies.

Keep speaking the truth and sharing how pathetic they are. They need to be ashamed of themselves, and they need to wear shame more frequently. Not sure that it will change anything, but at least they know how horrible they are to us. They have more filth than we could ever drag them for, but try anyway.

Happy holidays, be safe, and let White folks have their unseasoned White spaces. They need us, lol. When they figure it out it will be too late. They could have good Black friends who would add value to their lives, but instead they want messiness. Let them have it.

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