While confusion and social media being manipulated is a huge problem, White people (especially young White men) not knowing when they’ve crossed the line of being a racist and not respecting people of colors, especially seniors. Why aren’t men like you rushing to the rescue of young children of color are accused, killed, wrongly incarcerated or convicted instead of trying to convince us White kids need to be excused for their poor manners, behavior and racism? Why is it guys like you can explain away how we, people of color, misinterpret racism? It’s easy for men like you to explain it away and tell us we’re confused because the racism is not directed towards you and you don’t have to worry about the impact of such insults, humiliation, and intimidation.

We know what MAGA means. We know what a nationalist is and what it mean. We know what mocking a culture is. We know gangs and intimidation when we see it. We know disrespectful kids when we see them. We know bullying when we see it. When one little old tribal elder is surrounded nearly 200 young White unruly teen boys, that’s intimidating, that’s a bully pull pit, that’s privilege.

Confusion really isn’t the point. Privilege is. No one needs context for that.

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